M. Gerwing Architects is a full-service, design-oriented architecture office  in Boulder, Colorado. We have executed projects in Boulder, Denver, New York and Chicago as well as all along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.  We have designed a number of different project types with special emphasis on residential design, historic renovation and restaurant design.

The office is committed to an intensive process of continual exploration of shaping spaces – how we use them, how we imagine them, how they reside in our memory.


We approach each project as a unique synthesis of client, site, budget, schedule and the opportunities and tensions that arise between them.  Overall we strive for balance – in design, in process and in managing our projects in private and public realms.  With our extensive experience in ushering projects forward in the City of Boulder, Boulder County and through various zoning, historic preservation and other approval processes, we can guide our clients toward realizable designs that meet their schedule and budgets and still create exciting and fulfilling architecture.

All of our projects are brought into focus by carefully listening and studying the problem at hand and then creating a guiding set of ideas or principles for the building. Beyond solving the problems of function and providing beautiful places, we always strive to transcend these notions and make a project that far exceeds our client’s and our own expectations. We believe in being involved in all phases of a project’s creation – from initial ideas and dreams through design and construction, to the final finishes and colors.   We work with a number of local contractors to execute our client’s designs, spending considerable time in the field to insure that the design and vision of the project is well-built and professionally managed.

The same set of ideas that guide the structure also inform every detail and the selection of every piece of hardware, every tile. For remodels and renovations, we incorporate the ideas and design of the existing building into this mix and create buildings that are new and old, timeless and timely.


The studio is headed by Mark Alan Gerwing, AIA with over twenty years of experience designing a variety of building types from large, mixed-use projects, restaurants and commercial spaces to single-family homes.  Mark personally guides every project from initial design through construction to insure that every aspect of a project is carefully considered and fully coordinated.

Mark received a Master of Architecture diploma from Yale University and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kentucky.  His professional experience encompasses working for a number of renowned architects in Italy, Boston and Chicago prior to moving to Colorado.  Mark is licensed in Colorado and Illinois and is a LEED AP professional as well as a certified City of Boulder Greenpoints professional. He has been the local coordinating architect for the Boulder Valley Branch of Habitat for Humanity and currently is Chairman of the City of Boulder’s Landmarks Board.

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We have a keen commitment to the philosophy and goals of green construction and sustainability. We have executed buildings under the guidelines of the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the City of Boulder’s Greenpoints Program and Boulder County’s BuildSmart program. Every project we design synthesizes these considerations, some more intensively than others, including projects incorporating photovoltaic and thermal solar installations, geo-thermal ground source systems and advanced lighting and environmental controls.

In the end, it is the process of listening to our clients, studying the task and examining the site that gives form to the projects. Beyond simply making buildings, in every project we investigate a synthesis of art and science into the poetic expression of making a building.

biography of studio principal Mark Alan Gerwing

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