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Venezia, 1988

A very typical, tourist type photo of Venice, the Piazetta, but the rain-streaked stones are just too tempting not to photograph.

Venice is often described as a city 'doubled' - all the buildings and bridges reflected in the canals.   However, in January through April, the cold, misty weather glazes the paving and the cloud-scudded sky reflects a tepid white.  Not really a city doubled, but the images and reflections of buildings are echoed across water and stone.  The distinctions between the water of the lagoon, the mist in the air, the slightly slimy, wet stone, are all blurred.  Undoubtedly this is reflected in the painting of Titian, in the Venetian tradition of 'painterly' work rather than the more distinct plasticity and sculptural accuity seen in the work of the Florentines.

Photograph by Mark Gerwing, 1988