interior design, renovation complete, Boulder

The renovation I designed to a small condominium has finished construction in Boulder. The central feature of this project was a new stairway designed to incorporate a series of existing light shafts. An open riser stair with maple treads lets daylight down into the house while a series of swinging and sliding louver panels modulates the light to the master bedroom, kitchen and office spaces. Below is a photo of the master bedroom hall with the louver panels in both the open and closed positions. Thanks goes to the owners for their patience and work and to Cottonwood Custom Builders for their diligence and expertise.

This project is the sister of the Davis Welsh project on my website under the Renovations link. Both units were virtually identical prior to the redesign and renovation. They now share a similar plan for the main stair, but treated quite differently. The Davis Welsh project emphasizes the permeability of light across this space, this project channels the light more vertically as a designator of circulation and public/private boundary.