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local color, interior design, The Cruise Room, Denver

This is a photo of the Cruise Room, a vintage bar inside the Oxford Hotel in Lodo in Denver.  A really great space, about as tall as it is wide ( a bit distorted here with a wide-angle lense).

Palladio's general scheme for the space of a room was to make it as high as the room is wide.  In a proto-typical villa, with a central hall and then two or three rooms on each side, the architectural section is then incredibly varied.  For most of us accustomed to living in typical builder homes, a 10' high ceiling seems large, 12' positively huge.  I think this predominantly horizontal aspect then from which we view the world sets the horizontal ratio of televisions, monitors, car windshields, etc. and this then further frames how we see the world.  When I lived and worked in Chicago, with the predominant horizontal line of Lake Michigan to the east, even the tallest building seemed to fit within this kind of a frame.  However, out here in the mountain west, with a vertical range of plains at 5,280 feet above sea level and peaks over 14,000 feet, it doesn't seem to apply.  The remarkable "spaciousness" of the West may have more to do with this than the wide panoramas of basins and ranges.

The Cruise Room serves pretty good drinks too.  And you gotta love that red.

Photograph by Mark Gerwing, 2008.