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computer models - variations on a theme

dw01small these are images of two computer models from two different projects (see page "variations on a theme").

These two cut-away views are meant to demonstrate two different approaches to similar formal circumstances.  Both projects were within virtually identical existing condominium units in west Boulder, Colorado.  

The one shown above was designed to accommodate the live-work lives of the couple, opening up the office to views over and across to the living spaces of the bedroom and kitchen.  The space was conceived as a single, coherent whole, with resin panels providing some screening within the overall space.

The project shown below was for a couple who often have large, family dinners and the design was meant to clearly identify and modulate the public vs. private realms of the house.  The central stair brings light down into the center of the house as in the above project, but the space of the stair is a clearly delineated space.  The sliding louver panels modulate the light to the office, bedroom and kitchen and also register the family vs. individual use of the house at any time.

The design above was done with Amy Kirtland when I was a Principal at Arcadea, the one below was done by myself as M. Gerwing Architects