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Walnut Creek homes, in progress

Framing is fully underway at the Walnut Creek project at 20th and Walnut in Boulder. P1010836

This photo is of three of the single-family homes tucked into the heart of the site, along the creek.

For as many times as I have designed a project and then seen it through construction, there is always a surprising realization as the building takes form.  Of course it looks like I imagined it, having drawn and redrawn it many times over many months.  However, the physical mass of the reality of the building is still thrilling to see, the size and scale of the spaces exciting to walk through the first time.


This project creates a number of different small single-family houses and duplexes, each as a specific theme-and-variation working off the existing 1890's house at the front of the property.

Existing house

This project was originally designed by Mark Gerwing while principal at Arcadea.  Through subsequent site and code changes, it was then completely redesigned by Mark at M. Gerwing Architects.  Now finally under construction.