New Year's resolutions

Tricky things these resolutions.  They are really just a list of more things that I am probably going to feel guilty about in a couple of months.  So sure, along with losing another 10 lbs, let's put keeping up better with our accounting, slowing down a bit more, and working out more often on the list. From our architect-geek point of view, resolutions are more like yearly reminders of a re-dedication to our work.  Not more hours or more projects, but more rigor, more contemplation, and more thorough integration of materials, design, construction and budgeting.  That's a bit generic for all architects, so while laudable, it is also good at this time of the year to reflect on why we became architects in the first place.



You could saw that most of us architects have stayed dedicated to the pursuit and never given up on our dreams.

But really there are just some things we never really got over.