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Phipps Mansion update

The historic Phipps Mansion in Denver is up for sale by DU and it looks like a buyer is under contract.  If you don't know the property, it is really worth a visit (it was open last weekend in Doors Open Denver).  Designed by Jacques Benedict and built in 1933, it is neo-Georgian mansion, 22 rooms proud, surrounded by a kind of parterre garden.  As noted in a previous post ( the most interesting part of the property may by the magnificent Tennis Pavilion.

As mentioned in the earlier post, let's hope that the new owners are good stewards of the property and don't simply mothball the building in a kind of morbid stasis.  Clearly occupation by a family would probably mean the renovation of at least the kitchen, if not a more significant part of the building.  Living in a museum, of someone else's life at that, would be very odd.

Buildings shouldn't be time capsules, unless you like living in the 1930s, including all the appropriate  clothing, technology, etc.  Like many great older buildings, the name of the original owners stays with the building.  In historical terms it would be great if the new owners could add another layer of history and the building's name incorporates their own as the legacy of ownership.