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Colfax Avenue, signs of western journey

Colfax Avenue, signs of western journey

Each year Colorado Preservation Inc identifies a number of interesting and threatened buildings across the state. This year, prominent on the list, was a collective entry - the older advertising signs along Denver's Colfax Avenue.

The cost of building in Boulder


Housing construction costs have risen sharply in the last few years.  This means that not only the large, market developer home builder prices are up, but so are those of the small general contractors and all the associated trades - plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.  

That is very apparent especially in Boulder.

ranch redux - from plain jane builder house to crafted modern home

ranch redux - from plain jane builder house to crafted modern home

Re-imaging South Boulder - some before and after photos of some of our projects in South Boulder, transforming generic builder houses from the 1960’s into finely crafted modern homes fine-tuned for their specific sites and homeowner’s needs

the shining castle

I went down to the San Luis Valley to photograph some of the small village chapels that dot that flat, dusty landscape.  So as I was driving around, I was keeping a keen eye out for any structures, like a steeple, that might pop up out of the surrounding buildings or clusters of wind-ravaged trees. As I approached Antonito, one of the larger towns on the west side of the Valley, a shining, luminous vision sparkled in the morning sunlight above the two-story town.  Upon closer inspection I found what I later learned was Cano's Castle.

architecture at CU Boulder

a criticism of some recent buildings as architecture at the University of Colorado at Boulder including the new Center for Community and Wolf Law Building and Bear Creek Apartments