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Jess To Do

ask about email contact info for contact page.

Ask About Metadata - this might have to be a job-by-job decision.  

Ask About text content - Just pull from current site?

Ask About Job titles - Are these finalized or still a work in progress

Home Page?

Davis Welsh Map?  

Design Notes

Image formatting Guidelines

Under "Image Requirements" they support up to 20MB file sizes BUT they recommend a file size of 500k.  

Then under  "Image Best Practices" they suggest a max image width of 1500px for standard content and 2500px for "site-wide" images (like the banners we're using)

1500px wide images are bigger than 500k.  Also, i'm concerned about the image quality of a 500k image.  Davis Welsh Condo Test -  The banner is 2500px (~3MB) and all of the images in the body are 1500px (in their biggest dimension) (~1MB - ~1.5MB)


ABOUT - Didn't include link to principla's bio that is included in the current about page

Web Designer Questions