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Palisade Farmhouse 

palisade, COLORADO

New Construction


New construction farmhouse located just outside of palisade, colorado.


This project is a new house to act as the central gathering point for a family on their peach farm just outside of Palisade, Colorado. Three sisters and their father have come together to construction a multi-generational home that sits on the edge between the orchards and the vital irrigation canal.

Camerons 2018.JPG

The house is based on a traditional, vernacular farmhouse - white wood siding and steeply pitched roofs with a wrap around porch. The building consists of two pieces - a small living unit for their father and a larger house for the three sisters and their growing families.

Farmhouse Sketch_South.jpg
Palisade Farmhouse sketch plan 01.jpg

We will be posting more updates on this project as it continues.

Architect: M. Gerwing Architects

Contractor: MacPherson Custom Builders

Structural Engineer:  Gebau, Boulder


Portfolio Category:  Residential New Construction

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