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Southeast Portland House 

Portland, OREGON

New Construction


New construction custom home located in Southeast Portland.

This project is a single-family house and attached apartment unit to be located on a modest, tree-lined street in Southeast Portland.  The apartment is located toward the public street and the family residence creates a secret garden to rear of the property. A single large hall and entry joins both residences and becomes the common space as well as the conduit for access to the garden.

The language of the building is explicitly modern, but the building is designed as a series of discreet, smaller parts and is compatible with the smaller wood-framed houses along the street.

The house incorporates a number of energy saving and sustainability features including a water-harvesting roof and an living eco-roof.

neighborhood street image

neighborhood street image

Living and Dining room image, Southeast Portland house, by M. Gerwing Architects, Boulder, Colorado

Architect: M. Gerwing Architects and ACI Design:Build

Associate Architect: Suzanne Zuniga, Portland

Construction Manager: ACI Design:Build

Contractor: TBD

Structural Engineer: Baughman and Assoc.


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