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the final REM post – Ralph Eugene Meatyard

this is the last in a series of posts this week about the work of photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard rem06

Romance (N.) from Ambrose Bierce #3, 1962


Lucybelle Crater and her 40-year old son, Lucybelle Crater, c. 1969-71

This last photo is from a series of 'portrait' photos of Meatyard's friends and family, all with the Lucybelle Crater masks.  A prolific collector of odd and unusual names, Meatyard struck upon "Lucybelle Crater" and made her family.

All the photos this week are scanned from the excellent book on Meatyard, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, An American Visionary published by the Akron Art Museum in 1991, editor Barbara Tannenbaum.