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Victorian house renovation and addition, west Boulder

1627 front

1627 front

This project is a large studio building added to an existing 1880's Second Empire style, Victorian era house in west Boulder.  An older, 1970's era studio was located in the same location as the new addition, but its connection to the existing house masked the original houses porch and overshadow the older portion of the house.

The new studio addition, while large, attempts to make subtle connections back to the original older home, using design aspects of the older house, specifically the mansard-set dormers, as cues for creating the new structure.  The connection to the new studio is pushed farther back from the front of the entry porch allowing the older structure to set itself apart more distinctly.  The interior of the connection between the old house and the new studio combines aspects of both new and old, revealing the old stone exterior walls on the new interior passage.

1627 passage

1627 passage

Overall, the entire design adheres to the best practices of historic preservation - saving and preserving the old while letting the new relate to, but not copy, the original construction.

1627 dormer

1627 dormer

Project Architect:  Mark Gerwing, AIA

Builder:  Cottonwood Custom Builders, Jeff Hindman and Tom Roberts project supervisors

30th and Glenarm, Five Points, Denver

30th and Glenarm is an 8-unit condominium project located in Denver's Five Points neighborhood and developed for the non-profit Northeast Denver Housing Center.  Initiated by a national competition sponsored by the Northeast Denver Housing Center and the American Institute of Architects, the project was developed from the first place award winning entry by Mark Gerwing.

Located on a formerly single-family lot, this project brought needed density to the neighborhood and helped spur the renaissance of the neighborhood.

Consisting of one handicap accessible unit and 7 double-story units, the project is situated over a secured parking lot and sits at the intersection of commercial and residential streets.  The east side of the project, the short side, is located along Glenarm Street and the design echoes the smaller single family houses down the block.  Across the street from the long side of the project, the 30th Street side, is a large brick commercial building and the design takes cues from that building.

Competition design by Mark Gerwing

Designed as Principal at Arcadea, Inc.

Mark Gerwing, Project Architect



Walnut Creek residences, Boulder

This is an urban infill project located near downtown Boulder, Colorado.  The existing site was dominated by a well-preserved 1890's house with a wrapping porch and porch cochere.  The new design consists of renovating that old house and adding two duplex units at the street and four small single-family houses in the site's large south side.

The old house has been renovated into two separate condo units, one up and one down, while maintaining the essential historic character of the building.  The new duplex units on each side are located to fill in the large gap between houses on Walnut Street, filling in the "gap tooth" appearance of the street while maintaining the historic scale of the neighborhood.

Each of the south single-family houses consists of two levels with an attached garage and large deck above.  These four houses sit along an arm of Boulder Creek and are oriented to take advantage of the water's sound and presence.

Designed by M. Gerwing Architects with Arcadea, Inc.

Mark Gerwing, Project Architect

Currently under construction

Builder:  Coburn Development

Landscape Architect:  Hidelly Kane

Structural Engineer: Nicols & Associates and Gebau, Inc.

Fraternity house renovation and addition

This university fraternity house renovation and addition was a project designed to update and expand the living and study spaces for engineering-based fraternity.  The existing early 1960s gabled residence hall and common rooms were in poor condition and in dire need of a renovation to make them both safe and attractive to current and prospective fraternity members.

Our project proposes a complete renovation of the common rooms, updating kitchen and dining facilities and bringing them into current compliance with safety and energy regulations.  To expand the residential wing, a new floor will be added to the existing 2-story wing and the entire wing will be renovated expanding room sizes and providing additional study rooms.

A new proposed addition of a Library and Study Center is located at the west edge of the property, connecting to the common rooms and creating an exterior courtyard.

Designed by Mark Gerwing as Principal at Arcadea, Inc. with David Biek