Hunting Lodge, construction process, ACI and M. Gerwing Architects

Construction is in a full court press on a hunting lodge project in rural southwest Minnesota designed by M. Gerwing Architects and ACI. HLF great room 01


The crews are working double time to try to complete the building for the September 21st Opening Day of the local hunting season and the arrival of the club's anxious members.  This building replaces a much older, distressed building that had been added on to over the decades and was suffering a number of structural and life-safety issues.  In lieu of an expensive and time-consuming renovation and addition, the club members hired ACI and M. Gerwing Architects to design a fully-functional, low-maintenance facility that will serve them well into the future.

HLF model 01

With just a few weeks left for construction, the local crews are busily hanging drywall and finishing floors, putting in an extraordinary effort working nights and weekends.  The ACI team will be heading down there next week to finalize details and help unpack furniture and mementos for installation.  ACI and M. Gerwing Architects have really executed a full design and management process for this project including choosing and ordering furniture, wall coverings, tableware, etc. down to the last knife and fork.

HLF fireplace 01

As you can see in the image above, the fireplace is under construction using local field stone gathered by the mason from the surrounding properties - truly locally sourced.