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Modern in Boulder talk

Boulder Modern

On Saturday, May 11th, I will be giving a talk with Marcy Cameron on the flowering of Boulder’s architectural heritage in the late 1950’s and 60’s. Marcy and I have given a longer version of this talk at the CPI conference a couple of years ago and we have updated and condensed it for this event. Marcy is an architectural historian and a preservation planner with the City of Boulder and is well versed in both the architectural and social/cultural history of Boulder in these vibrant decades.

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Why Boulder?

Up until the late 1950’s, Boulder was not so very different from a number of other small towns along the Front Range of Colorado. Sure, the University of Colorado was headquartered here, but the culture of Boulder was not so different than Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, or other places.

However, in the ensuing 20 years, Boulder became the vibrant, funky place that has attracted thousands of folks seeking an alternative to both the fast-paced energy of the Coasts and the buttoned-up culture of the Midwest. That artsy, hippy, New-Agey culture may have faded here in Boulder, chased out by sky high real estate prices and the conservatism that brings. But, what was it about Boulder that engendered that alternative culture and how was it reflected in the architecture of the time?

Join us to help answer that question and try to imagine what it means for the future of the City.

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Historic Boulder

This event is a fundraiser for Historic Boulder, the city’s leading preservation non-profit. It is my hope that we can raise the awareness for these remarkable buildings and set the stage for their appreciation and preservation.

Also at the event will be a panel discussion with well-known local architects, E J Meade, David Barrett and Cherie Goff, to discuss the context of future landmarks in the city.