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Project updates, June 2019

We are in various stages on a number of projects and are very excited to be working with new clients and new sites.

Palisade Farmhouse

Family in front of house 02.jpg

Construction progress on the Palisade Farmhouse has been slow but steady and we hope to be complete in the first week in July. The dramatic landscape around Palisade with its long, horizontal mesas, is nicely framed by the large, but traditional windows of this prototypical farmhouse. Siding work should take place in about a week and we expect the metal roof at mid-month.

Inca Parkway

Inca Parkway.jpg

We have just started on the predominantly interior remodel of a 1960’s ranch house in South Boulder along Inca Parkway. The existing house is quite large, but a number of piecemeal additions have created some awkward spaces and circulation. Like so many of these projects, our major task will be working with the homeowners to identify their priorities and bring a renewed sense of order to the house.


Frederick Circle.jpg

Sometiimes simply switching room functions can create the spatial flow and order that a house seems to cry out for. In Colorado, with 300 days of sunshine, re-orienting a house to create vital and integrated outdoor spaces, can often be part of a renovation design solution. In the recently-started project shown above, flipping the living room and dining room spaces creates a new order of active and passive spaces.

39th Street, Boulder

39th street.jpg

Our new project on 39th Street, also in South Boulder, is developing quickly, transforming a 1960’s era brich ranch house with a new second story and complete interior and exterior reimagining. The new house will have a number of privacy layers that face the street, gradually fading away, to have the back of the space open wide to Flatirons views to the west.

39th street 2.jpg

Martin Farmhouse

making nice progress on the work on the historic Martin Farmhouse. Located in South Boulder’s Martin Acres, the Martin Farmhouse was built in 1875 and is the originaly farmhouse for much of that area. Over the years, many additions have been added on, including a number of filled-in porches that may or may not have reliable foundations. Part of our task will be to assess the current structure, add some additional floor area (above the floodplain elevation) and set this great old house up for another 100 years of family life.

35th street.jpg