weekend house for three couples

In development. This weekend house is located in the wind-swept South Park basin in south central Colorado.  Three couples, one with children, two without, wanted to create a simple vacation house where they can spend weekends together and have closer access to Colorado's high mountains, ski resorts and flyfishing streams.

The house consists of a large, open pavilion that houses the collective functions of kitchen, dining and living areas including large covered outdoor spaces.  Surrounding this pavilion are three stone clad "houses", one for each couple that contain sleeping, storage, bathing and sitting areas.  The small house towers are quite small and are oriented to take advantage of unique, distant views.

The stone towers create a solid, secure compound that can be seen across miles of the open basin.  The stone masses are reminiscent of Italian medieval defense family compounds as seen in San Gimigiano and central Tuscany.  Arranged in the center and sheltered by these towers, the central living spaces make a public square for interactions.  The entire house can be occupied by a single couple on any given weekend without the overall house feeling out of scale.

The house is made of native Colorado buff sandstone.  The central pavilion has steel coiled shutters concealed in the overhanging roof to allow the whole building to be completely sealed and secured.