rebuilding assistance to the Fourmile Fire firefighters

Some folks (myself included)  in the local building and design community have gathered together to help the local firefighters who lost houses in the recent Fourmile Fire.  They have set up a website and put out this press release:

Local design and building community reaches out to Fourmile fire fighters:

A number of local architects, engineers and other members of the design and building communities to offer their services at no, or low cost, to emergency responders who lost their homes in the recent Fourmile Fire in Boulder County.

The recent wildfire has been devastating.  So many people have lost their homes and sense of place.  But no one lost their lives.  And even though all those structures burned, hundreds of others were saved by the heroic efforts of hundreds of firefighters.  Most striking of all is that some of those firefighters, local volunteers, lost their homes to the fire while trying to save others.

As members of the local design and building community we would like to do what we can.  So a number of us have gathered together to make the following offer:  if you’re a local emergency responder and your home was lost in the recent fire, we will design/redesign your house for no fees.  Many other services, engineering, surveying, cost advice, etc. we can do for substantially reduced costs.  You may just want to have a few questions answered or a bit of advice or an entire house design. However you may need us, we will try to help.  Just let us know.


Bryan Bowen Architects

Y. Rosemary Fivian, Architect

M. Gerwing Architects

Gomez and Lawrence Architects

DAJ Design

Julie La Prie

Lisa Laursen

Jim Walker



Jon X. Giltner


Drexel, Barrell & Co.


Studio Terra


Drexel, Barrell & Co.


Cottonwood Custom Builders

There are a number of other resources out there, including the Boulder County Land Use Department and Red Cross.  In addition, the Boulder Green Building Guild will be holding a Rebuilding Forum on Thursday, Sept. 23rd and Sunday, October 3rd.  You can get info on that here.