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Mixed Taste

last Friday evening, I attended the Mixed Taste event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver.

The idea of this is to attempt to ferret out the strange and serendipitous connections between two disparate topics.  Two short talks are presented on two completely different topics.  Last Friday that was Chef Jorel Pierce discussing his passion for the making of blood sausage, and Geoff Manaugh, of BldgBlog fame, talking about urban spelunking.

And what comes of this?  After the two presentations, a number of audience members asked questions, some specific to each talk, others trying to form connections between the topics.  As each presenter tried to address the questions, they were often a bit stretched to make parallels between the talks, but they were game to give it a shot in front of the approximately 60 folks in the audience.

I quite like this kind of event - a kind of intellectual and funny exquisite corpse project.  I certainly will not make it to all of the summer's offerings, but you can bet "Suburbia and American Gin" will be on my list.

Oh, and they have cocktails available as well.