architect's glossary - patio, terrace, veranda, deck, balcony

There are a lot of terms that we have to describe various kinds of exterior domestic spaces.  As "outdoor living" is becoming increasing popular in Colorado if not around the county, I find that my clients are often using different terms for same space.  Is that place where the picnic table is going to go the terrace or the patio?  Is it a deck or a balcony? So, with some images of projects I have designed, here goes:

patio: attached or detached, hard-paved, on the ground and of the earth

terrace: attached or detached, hard-paved, most importantly, it is raised from the earth around it, but not yet a deck.

veranda: attached to the house, roofed porch

porch: attached to the house, covered or open, can be enclosed

To be frank I am not really sure what is the difference between a porch and a veranda.  Maybe porch implies entry in a way a veranda does not.  A veranda sounds more expensive.


balcony: attached to the house, covered or open (juliette balcony: not projecting)

deck: attached or detached, wood construction and elevated above the site