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Project updates, October 2014 version

It has been a very busy and productive number of months at M. Gerwing Architects and ACI and we have shamelessly neglected the blog in lieu of actually getting projects done. We have a number of projects that are nearing completion, including renovation projects in both North Boulder and South Boulder

There are a number of projects still in the design and permitting phases, but we are very happy to have finally completed the initial permit drawings for a large house that we have been working on that is up Sunshine Canyon, west of Boulder.  The exposed knoll that is the project's site suggested a courtyard scheme that would at least partially, provide some protected outdoor space, free of the harsh winds sweeping from the Continental Divide.  The south-facing site has an amazing 270 degree veiew from Denver all the way around to the Indian Peaks in the far west.

That expansive panorama and the the courtyard scheme have come together to create a long, sinuous house that curves along with the topography of the top of the knoll and in turn, generates its own unique geometry of construction and design.

We are excited to see all of these projects and many other move forward with great clients and great building sites.  It promises to be a busy next few months as well, so I can't guarantee that the blog posts will resume with any kind of regularity, but the archives are deep and may be worth a visit until we have time to generate some more new content.