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Boulder's mystery artist

Many of you who live in Boulder may have read the Daily Camera stories about the mystery artist whose works have shown up at various places in the city.  It is an interesting, ongoing story that many would like to solve.  I think there have been two large works installed without the knowledge (or consent) of the property owners:  a tall columnar sculpture in the yard of Donna Coughlin and a even larger piece mysteriously installed in the front lawn of the Boulder History Museum:

The City of Boulder has removed the later piece while it decides what to do with it.  However, most other recipients seemed thrilled to have the works, many of which were directly mailed to them.

The Daily Camera and apparently a number of citizens are ardently on the trail of the artist and a prime suspect has been identified.  I don't have any illusions about the number of viewers of these blog posts or my ability to persuade, but I would like to send out an appeal to resist the urge to uncover the name and nature of the artist.  Clearly part of the work is in its delivery, mystery and surprise.  We should consider ourselves lucky to receive such gifts and we should take pleasure in display and appreciation of art in environments that are a far cry from stolid galleries and museums.  Please let this be - take it as a nice, soaking rain in Boulder - rare, beautiful and much-needed.

(all photos from the Daily Camera)