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The Shops at Northbridge, Chicago, Illinois

The Shops at Northbridge on Chicago's Miracle Mile section of Michigan Avenue is an enclosed, curving arcade of 50 shops and restaurants connecting the Nordstrom's to Michigan Avenue.  Soaring above the shifted streetscape of Grand Avenue, the curving retail center skirts around the existing historic McGraw Hill building.

The retail center consists of a set of parallel, curving walkways that span from Michigan Avenue to the Nordstrom's building one block west.  Spanning over Grand Avenue, the project was designed as a bridge-like structure on one side and a solid, volumetric mass on the other side.

The project was initially designed by Mark Gerwing at Anthony Belluschi Architects from a series of schematic sketches and detailed plans for conserving the McGraw Hill building.  The McGraw Hill building was largely dismantled and its historic carved limestone panels reinstalled on a new structural framework.

Architects:  Anthony Belluschi Architects

Project Designer (Schematic Design):  Mark Gerwing

Riverwoods renovation and addition

Leaving the entire front of the house unchanged, this project reconceived the spaces of the family's daily living - the kitchen, breakfast room, and family room, for an existing ranch house in Riverwoods, Illinois outside of Chicago.

A new addition was grafted to the back of the house to engage the rear yard on three sides. A new kitchen was inserted a t the point of that addition's connection to the main house, sliding along the back edge of the existing house and mediating between the new and the old.

Designed by Mark Gerwing while Senior Associate at Kathryn Quinn Architects

Mark Gerwing, Project Architect

Builder:  John Teschky